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RomAF: a mission that has worked to support Christian ministry in Romania
and other former Communist countries in E Europe, most notably Moldova.
The Romanian Aid Fund held its closing Celebration and Thanksgiving Service
on 27 June 2015, in recognition that the Work in Romania served by this
mission had been largely completed.

However, this is not quite the end of the story.

The work of the Bible College in Moldova is special and has strategic importance.
RomAF had developed a warm relationship with its leaders and was also in
contact with a new but experienced group of UK missioners with specialist
experience and vision for this college. They have agreed to take RomAF's
work forward to focus on the Bible College "Divitia Gratiae University" (DGU).
The work is to be renamed "Eurasia Education Foundation" (EEF)
and further news and information will be found on its new web site.

Eurasia Education Foundation

This "RomAF" site will remain on line for archive purposes.
As time permits, historic Newsletters dating all the way back to the origins
of RomAF will be added which we hope will be of interest to some readers.

Romany youngsters learn crafts at a Christian camp

Note:It's "RomAF" not "RAF" because we were never the Royal Air Force!

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